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Harry Potter Group Beta

(we beta like a gang-bang)

Harry Potter Group Beta Community
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The purpose of this community is to provide group beta-reading to its members.

How To Join

You must be over 18 to join this community.
Click the 'join this community' link. Your membership request will be emailed to me for approval.
IMPORTANT: If your birth year is not in your profile, please send an email to deirdre.riordan(at)gmail.com stating your username and birthdate. You will not be approved if I don't know your birthdate. The exception to this is if you're absolutely positive I know you're an adult.
If you're old enough, you'll usually be approved the same day.
If you are not over 18, you're more than welcome to friend the community and comment on stories. You just won't be able to see the NC-17 content, which is the whole point.

The Rules:
1. Every member of the community is welcome to post stories and critiques. Yes, it is HP only.

2. This is not a beta search community. All stories are to be posted directly to the community and will be betaed by the group.

3. Do not link your post to an external site or to your own lj. Directly to the community means directly to the community.

4. Post your header info for all the world to see, but put your story behind a cut. If you don't know how to use the lj-cut tag, educate yourself here.
Use this template for the header:
Author: You
Title: Your title
Rating: G, PG, etc.
Pairing: HP/SS, HP/HG, etc.
Summary: Your summary. This should contain useful information, not merely 'w0w i suk at summeries'
Disclaimer: Something acknowledging it belongs to JKR.
Warnings: BDSM, rape, character death, etc. This is very important if your story contains something potentially squicky, as some people might be offended by the content and prefer not to read it.
They can be in whatever order you please, and any additional info is welcome, but all information in those above categories must be present. It is also useful to include in the 'top' part of the post anything in particular you're having problems with.

5. Any pairing is welcome, het, slash, or "other." I'll reiterate that if your story contains something potentially squicky, please give ample warning in your header.

5b. Yes, NC-17 content is allowed, but it MUST BE FRIENDS-LOCKED. It's fine to make a public post saying you've just posted a locked story in case some people aren't logged in.

6. Don't expect unadulterated glowing praise. This community is here to help you improve your story, so prepare to have it picked apart for grammar, style, and plot. Don't get your feelings hurt. It's not worth crying over spilled commas. If you're not comfortable posting your stories publicly, it's fine to post them friends-only so that only other community members will see them. If you're uncomfortable receiving comments of this nature, you really shouldn't be here.

7. I don't think I really need to say this, but NO FLAMES. It's fine to say you really didn't like something, but please say why. If you flame, you'll be warned in a rather rude manner by yours truly. If you do it again you'll be banned. I don't have a very good stomach for wank. If you have a concern with another community member, please either keep it out of the comm, or take it up with me rather than starting a flamewar.

8. Conversely, no fangirling. Well, I mean, fangirling is fine, but after you're done squeeing, please specify what made you squee and why. And please do try to find something that can be improved. There's always something.

9. When commenting, please quote the portion of the story you're referring to. It will avoid a lot of confusion.

10. When making corrections, please check and make sure you're correcting correctly. Bad grammar advice is no good to anyone. Some good grammar and punctuation resources are here, here, and here.
A good canon reference is here.

11. Personal, fic update, and promo posts are allowed, but please try to keep them somewhat fandom-related. They will be deleted after a few days.

12. Please be aware that not everyone will always have the time to go over your story with a fine-toothed comb. Some of us do have lives, after all. In that same vein, please don't post millions of stories every day. Even if your epic Filch/Giant Squid fic is all finished, space out the chapters so that they'll have time to get looked at, and also to allow other posters' stories to get the attention they deserve.


Your humble admin: deirdre_riordan
I'm really not an evil bitch. I just want this to work. :)